[jdom-interest] Help...Relative Paths for DTD and SAXBuilder

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Sep 7 16:22:56 PDT 2001

Daniel Hoppe wrote:
> Hi,
> the javadocs for SAXBuilder say that relative paths for a DTD will be
> supported into absolute ones. I have a rather big problem with that and need
> a fix or workaround. Therefore I would like to know if
> - there are good workarounds

Try different parsers.  This is parser-specific behavior.  I seem to
recall it's Crimson that was causing the problem.  But I think we
requested they fix it.  The warning msg in the Javadocs isn't specific
because we didn't have a full list of which parsers did what.

> - this is still an issue in the current CVS version

There's nothing we can do about it.  If the SAX parser gives us an
absolute path, there's no way to determine what the original relative
path looked like.

> - someone is working on this
> - there is a strategy to solve this
> - there are certain considerations which I should know of when I try to fix
> it.
> Fast replies would be great, I'd like to get this fixed rather today than
> tomorrow...

Well, it's "tomorrow".  That's not too bad.  :-)


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