[jdom-interest] Help...Relative Paths for DTD and SAXBuilder

Daniel Hoppe hoppe at sitewaerts.de
Sat Sep 8 03:44:20 PDT 2001


I looked at the sources and came to the same conclusion. I tried some
parsers and the result is that Crimson is the only one causing the problem
for me. Xerces works fine and AElfred seems to drop DTDs completetly. I
switched to Xerces and now everything should be fine. 

> > Fast replies would be great, I'd like to get this fixed 
> rather today than
> > tomorrow...
> Well, it's "tomorrow".  That's not too bad.  :-)
> -jh-

It's great. I switched our whole project to JDOM a while ago and I did never
regrett it so far, one point why it's like that is the mailing list. Beside
that the usage is much simpler than DOM and the whole team likes it. 



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