[jdom-interest] JDOM & Applet

Srinivsu at aol.com Srinivsu at aol.com
Mon Sep 17 18:26:16 PDT 2001


I am Srinivasan Subramaniam & I used JDOM in one of my project.

I recently wrote an applet which were using the JDOM APIs.
jdom.jar was built using the build11 script that comes along with the 

The applet tag of the html was

ARCHIVE="collections.jar,xerces.jar,xalan.jar,jdom.jar" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=200>
<param name=cabbase value="eQFD.Cab"></APPLET>

collections.jar->collections api that comes along with jdom install
xerces.jar & xalan.jar ->jaxp apis that come along with jdom install.
eQFD.cab is my application's  signed cab file.

when i use the applet, I get a "ClassNotFoundException" for the class 

But If i untar all the jar files ( XML jars, as well as the jdom jars, & the 
collections.jar & then I bundle it along with my application's cab file, then 
every thing seems to be OK ) ie merge all the jar files with my appications'  

Am I missing some thing here ..Pls do clarify y

2. Are there any Java APIs for XML parsing ( java based xml parsers ) that 
validate against a XML schema also ?
I use a DTD.But since it does not validate the data type of the element,i had 
to write 
custom validation also.

3. Would the same parser XML java parser support XML namespaces also ?

4. Suppose I do not use the JDOM apis and would use only xerces.jar & 

    i) what methods would help me in inserting a DocType into the root element
       of my DOM.
       ie I am constructing a DOM object dynamically. I need to add a DocType 
       specifying which is the root element,the location of the dtd to this 
root element. JDOM has a method element.setDocType(..

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