[jdom-interest] instantiate java object with data from xml doc

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Tue Sep 18 00:41:43 PDT 2001


If you want the XML to be generated directly from the Java class and parsed 
back into Java, you may consider JOX (http://www.wutka.com/jox.html) or JSX 

Otherwise, if who want full control on how the XML maps to the Java objects, 
try Jato (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jato). This product uses XML scripts 
to define the mapping between the XML and Java objects.


Rhodes, Phillip C. wrote:

> I have a Java class, and a XML file.  I know how I can parse my xml 
> document and manually set the members of my Java class to the values in 
> my xml file.
> But there must be a simpler way of doing this!  Perhaps define a XML to 
> Java mapping file, and use this to create Java objects.   Has anyone 
> seen this.  SOAP sort of does this, but it's emphasis is on the 
> transport of the object, this is at a lower level.
> Thanks,
> Phillip

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