[jdom-interest] Possible bug in org.jdom.Element in Beta 7 detected

Stein Erik Berget seberget at a.sol.no
Thu Sep 20 15:15:05 PDT 2001

Hello fellow jdom users and jdom developers.

Please disregard this mail if this subject have been covered before. If
you please then could point me to where I can find the previous
discussion regarding this I would be really happy!

I have trouble with the following method in org.jdom.Element: public
String getAttributeValue(String name, Namespace ns)

I have a xml document that have a element that looks like this:


When I try to access rdf:resource with the method mentioned I always get
a null value returned from the function. If i remove rdf: and only try
to access the resource part this works beautifully.

This error only appears when I use beta 7 code. When I use beta 6 code
this works like a charm. I have checked both CVS at www.jdom.org to see
if there have been checked in updates of this in later updates, but I
have not been able to spot these. I also tried to search the mails to
this list to see if other persons have had trouble with it. I have also
tried to get the value from the Attribute object as well, but the result
is the same.

Here is some sample code:

     //some initializing code cut away

     Namespace contentNS =

     Namespace rdfNS =

     Element encoding = parentElement.getChild("encoding",
     //Method 1
     Attribute attribute = encoding.getAttribute("resource",
     String test1 = attribute.getValue();

     //Method 2
     String test2 = encoding.getAttributeValue("resource", rdfNS);

     //print to see the value, gives null on all ocations with beta
     7 code
     System.out.println("Method 1: " + test1);
     System.out.println("Method 2: " + test2);

     ...another piece

Hope you can help me with this. At the moment I have "downgraded" to
have my components work, but I really would like to have Beta 7 running!

Have a really great day/night, and thanks for any help!
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