[jdom-interest] Compression and JDOM

Sebastien Pierre Sebastien.Pierre at isb-sib.ch
Thu Sep 20 09:27:10 PDT 2001

David Morris wrote:
> Group,
> We have run into a scalability issue while creating a XSL-FO document.
> The volume of data required to describe a simple columnar report makes
> it impossible for us to use transform documents like we want. For example,
> when the JDOM tree for a 70 page report is serialized it takes about 250M.
> I am looking for suggestions on how we can reduce the size of our output
> passed to FOP, the tags, etc. are highly redundant and would seem to be
> a good candidate for compression.

Well, from what I know the best thing would be to make a DbDOM, for
Database DOM, which is the case with one of the Python implementations
of DOM available in the 4suite library. This could help with memory
problems but on the other hand would reduce performance, though maybe
not as much as using dynamic compression.

BTW, If you would like to compress a JDOM you would have to serialize an
object to a byte array that you would then compress ; all this process
is really cpu-consuming.

Hope this helps,

 -- Sebastien.

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