[jdom-interest] JDOMException null?

Jay Eno jay at level3.net
Mon Sep 24 10:12:03 PDT 2001


     I'm having an issue with JDOM Trying to build a Document from an
InputStream. I'm trying to basically implement XML over HTTP using
Jakarta Tomcat. So I have a Servlet that feeds an InputStream to me, and
I in turn feed that to a DOMBuilder's build() function.

     I have a Java Test that seems to work flawlessly on the same box as
the Tomcat server, but I'm trying to send across the network with a
simple Perl script, and I keep getting a:

JDOM Exception in XMLHandlerRequest::parseXML:: Error in building from stream: null

     I'm seeing the exact same InputStream near as I can tell, I'm
overriding the (InputStream Class and comparing reads), but for some
reason, I can't get it to work over the network. I'm fairly sure this
isn't a perl issue, because I've done it several ways from using Perl
modules to raw sockets, with the same results. I can send complex POST
requests to other servers and all works well.

     Anybody have any idea why DOMBuilder would throw a "null"?? This is
becomming really hard to track down. (:

-= Jay =-

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