[jdom-interest] process on the fly

jc c nightsafari_2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 25 02:29:29 PDT 2001

hi, as one of the benifit as stated in JDOM, it allows
take in inputstream as input, one thing i don't
 understand is that if i want to take in a xml file
 that is over the network and is slowly streaming in,
 can JDOM handle this kind of input?? because this
 introduce that the file may not be complete and still
 waiting the file to be complete.  In this case is
 waits for the complete file to parse or parse on the
 fly???? can you give a example on how to handle a
 on the fly ( as reading xml file)???? in the notes i
 can't find any examples...i really hope that you can
 help, thanks a million.

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