[jdom-interest] Dealing with binary characters in-memory -> outputter (sorry to keep things going but...)

Mark Bennett mbennett at ideaeng.com
Tue Sep 25 19:16:50 PDT 2001

I got Jason's request and am working on a simple example now.

Geez, with what you said your test I'm hoping I can still break it...

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> So you're saying Outputter is broken?

Nope.  My response was suspect though based on what you are saying here.
Must have been to anxious to get to the football game ;-)

> I think you're assuming that this high byte begins life as
> part of an XML file (you talk about entities being expanded by
> the parser, etc)  And that it's decoded from that source
> into a single byte.

Yes that was my assumption.  As Jason pointed out, a simple example would
> It doesn't come from an initial external XML file.
> It gets into the tree in-memory with an addContent(String)


I was incorrect saying 0xA9 is an invalid xml character.  It would be
invalid in many parts of an xml document but not as element content or as an
attribute value.  I was able to output that character in the content of an
element and read it in again with the default encoding.

> Then you say "On output you no longer have any character
> entity so the char is output as is."  That last phrase,
> "is output as is" is the crux of the problem.  And are you
> saying that's propper behavior or a bug?

Show us the example and be sure to tell us which encodings you are using.

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