[jdom-interest] no getChildTextNormalize() ?

rpcee rpcee at operamail.com
Thu Sep 27 12:30:46 PDT 2001

(Apologies if this comes twice)

I'm not sure how these methods are more convenient? Does it save keystrokes? I 
don't think it affects maintenance or readability of the application one way 
or the other. I guess there is a small negative affect on the library source.
In JBuilder and presumably jEdit, VAJava etc I can type

    getChild("c").getTextTrim(); in 20 keystrokes, and

    getChildTextTrim("c"); in 17.
Using a 5 letter template/abbreviation I can do either in 10, and typing it 
out straight is only 6 chars different.
In an IDE one could argue that the larger list of methods after pressing "." 
is less convenient
So I guess I'm a -1 for all these sorts of methods, to be honest it's not 
something that worries me much, but I'd be interested to know why they are 
considered convenient.
Cheers, Richard

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