[jdom-interest] problems with jdom-b8 and borland app server 4.5

Philip Nelson panmanphil at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 2 04:36:44 PST 2002

--- Enrico Donelli <enricod at logicom.it> wrote:
>  We have a problem using JDOM-b8 with the Borland Application Server 4.5.
> When the app server sends a JDOM object to the web tier we get a 
> CORBA.MARSHAL error, as reported below.
> With the jdom jar included with jbuilder 5 (i dont't know which version 
> is [:)] ) we did not have this problem, which has started when we 
> upgraded to the latest version of jdom.

This is just a guess, but it looks like jbuilder 5 came with an earlier version
of jdom before the long awaited filterlist code change.  Borland's app server
uses CORBA to pass objects around so though the correct jdom was loaded when
the class was created and marshalled out, the old version is in the classpath
where it is unmarshalled.  

Should be easy enough to do a search on the directories (on each machine if you
are marshalling across computers) and find all the jdom.jar files.

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