[jdom-interest] General validation performance question

Lopez, William william.lopez at eds.com
Tue Apr 2 09:01:38 PST 2002

Pardon the newbie question:
How much of a performance gain does not validating an XML file produce?
We will be processing approximately 2 - 3K XML files a day apprx. 100 KB
each (the DTD is 29KB) using JDOM B8/ Xerces2 (BTW, great job to all
contributors). I'm assuming there is a gain to be obtained in processing
time by not validating but is there also a reduction in memory consumption?
I looked at some of the "benchmark" results posted from previous mailings
but I didn't see the answer to my question. 
I'm developing on a Win 2k box but the app will run on an AIX box with
plenty of RAM and muilti-processors.
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