[jdom-interest] Push toward a 1.0 API

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Tue Apr 9 20:49:02 PDT 2002

> * Should CDATA be a flag on Text or a subclass of Text?
> Currently CDATA is a Text subclass.  Noam raised this issue he'd prefer
> it be a flag on the Text class.  No one else has piped up yet.

+1 for a flag.

> * Deprecate all XMLOutputter setIndent methods except setIndent(String).
> elharo just raised this one, and he's right we need to address it.


> * Rework SAXBuilder exception strategy, throwing IOEx when an underlying
> IOEx
>   is raised instead of wrapping it in a JDOMEx.
> Another from elharo today.  Also should be addressed.

+1 for IOException

> * Finalize the XPath class interface.
> I haven't seen any feedback since checking in the class.  Are people
> generally happy with the API?  

0 I use Jaxen API directly, so I abstain.

> * Add methods to recursively get content and get filtered content.
> Brad's been working on this one.  The idea is to have something like
> doc.getIterator() and doc.getIterator(filter) to walk the entire tree
> using the Iterator or ListIterator model.

Are we defining 'walk' as either bredth- or depth-first?  Have both

> * Figure out if there's a role for a Node interface.  It sounds easy but
> all
>   attempts so far have hit obstacles.  Amy Lewis talks about it here:
> http://lists.denveronline.net/lists/jdom-interest/2000-December/004016.html
>   There were many follow-on threads.
> Brad seems optimistic he's found something good here, so we'll see what
> he comes up with.  I don't think it'd cause large-scale changes.

Will simplify Jaxen implementation, and reduce the number of instanceof
calls to simply fetch a parent.

> * Look into in-memory validation
> This is something we don't need in 1.0, but which may sneak in.  Allen
> Holub said he could help us here.

+0 if it's purely optional.


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