[jdom-interest] Re: serialization Push toward a 1.0 API

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Wed Apr 10 04:36:50 PDT 2002


Joseph Bowbeer wrote:
> Implementation hiding is important even in short-term persistence if JDOM
> documents are to be transmitted between different implementations of the
> JDOM spec.  The default serialized format is very inefficient, though, so a
> custom format would be desirable for reasons of efficiency alone.
> Is XMLS a good starting point for a custom serialized form?
>   http://www.sosnoski.com/opensrc/xmls/format.html

Speaking about efficiency and implementation independance, what about adding a 
CanonicalXMLOutputter to JDOM? Even though it alters the document structure, 
it is quite compact, implementation independant and fast to parse.


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