[jdom-interest] Writing foreign languages to XML

Noam Tamim noamt at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 12 03:53:58 PDT 2002

--- David Treves <dtreves at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> I am trying to write Hebrew content into an XML file using JDOM (last
> Beta version) and it keeps come out as "??? ???" wherever there is a
> Hebrew character.
> Is there some setting I should set in order to use non-English
> characters?

For using Hebrew with XML you can choose between at least 3 
encoding types:
iso-8859-8, UTF-8, and UTF-16. All work very well with Hebrew 
characters. The iso-8859-8 encoding has the advantage that
you don't need a Unicode-aware text editor to edit a file
written with that encoding. It has the disadvantage, however,
of limiting the file to contain only Hebrew and ASCII
UTF-8 is the recommended encoding. IIRC It uses 1 byte for 
ASCII chars and 2 bytes for any other (including Hebrew).
In your application you have to use the encoding you selected
when constructing the XMLOutputter, and (possibly) when
constructing the Writer.


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