[jdom-interest] SAXBuilder bug w.r.t internal DTD subset

Philip Nelson panmanphil at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 12 13:33:32 PDT 2002

<Alex Rosen>:
> Is there any reason to preserve the internal subset, if entities are
> expanded? My thinking was that the don't-expand-entities flag was really a
> preserve-round-trip flag. If you want to be able to round-trip the document,
> then you want to preserve the internal subset and not expand entities.
> Otherwise, if you only care about the data values, then you expand entities,
> and there's no real reason to preserve the internal subset (so you might as
> well not remember it, for performance reasons). Does this make any sense?

Not if there are other things in the internal subset other than entities.

> I don't think this break anybody's code and all the tests still run.
I have a lot more tests for entities in my test package (that I still haven't
been able to commit), I'll run them when I get back home.  Something about the
idea of always using the declhandler doesn't sound right though but in my
Bourbon Street induced mental haze, I can't think of what the problem with it is.

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