[jdom-interest] d-o-e, rendering embedded HTML and XMLOutputter

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym at canada.com
Sun Apr 14 14:33:49 PDT 2002

A small correction (that doesn't make it any less mysterious):

>>>>> "G" == Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym at canada.com> writes:

    G> In pure Java (JDOM/Jaxen/XPath), I can xpath the text node from
    G> the transformation result, print its contents to the servlet
    G> output stream and the result will be the HTML I expect to see
    G> and renders correctly in the browser:

    G> print( (new XPath( "//highlight" )).selectNodes( newDoc
    G> ).getText());

This is actually applied _before_ the transform, on the original XML doc,
not on the result of the XML->HTML transformation.  This suggests that
although my xalan.jar allows for disable-output-escaping at the command
line, JDOM and/or the way I am using it in this context is causing
the option to be dropped from the TransformImpl

I've found references on the web to say that while almost all XSLT
engines support d-o-e, there are comments claiming "cocoon disables
this" without saying exactly how cocoon is able to disable this
feature.  By overriding some class in Xalan?  By hacking xalan? By
manipulating the Xalan classes through properties?  My local machine
does not have cocoon included in the tomcat instance, but it might
have some old edition cocoon jar files.

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