[jdom-interest] receiving java.util.EmptyStackException

alan eustace alan at eustace.net
Tue Apr 16 03:22:04 PDT 2002

At 09:28 AM 4/16/2002 +0200, you wrote:
Many thanks for the prompt reply (to a rather silly question I now realise 
And you're right, I was using jdom.jar from beta7, not beta8. Have changed 
it now.

Thanks again


>Hi Alan,
>This exception simply signals that the XML document resulting from the XSL 
>transformation is not a valid XML document. In your case, the output is 
>not XML at all so you should not try to build a JDOM document from it. You 
>should use a StreamResult instead of a JDOMResult.
>Please also note that, from the stack trace, your are probably not using 
>JDOM beta8 but an earlier version.
>Alan Eustace wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>I'm getting the exception below when I try to transform an XML/XSL 
>>combination to VRML using JDOM-8.
>>I use the XSLTransform example provided in jdom/samples. When I use the 
>>provided catalog.xsl/xml files it works fine, but when I use my own 
>>xml/xsl files it throws an exception thus:
>>Using Xalan on its own (see code below)  I can achieve the transformation 
>>fine, which leads me to believe  this is a JDOM issue. Has anyone come 
>>across this before?
>>(I found a similar posting on the mulberry xsl list: 
>>Thanks for any help
>>Best regards,
>>Alan Eustace.

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