[jdom-interest] DocType equals()-hashCode() contract violation

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Apr 17 10:30:04 PDT 2002

At 12:49 PM -0400 4/17/02, Alex Rosen wrote:
>Good point. Currently, only on DocType and Namespace does equals() do an
>actual equivalency check - everything else does an identity check (an ==
>check), as explained in the JDOM FAQ. Basically it does this because for
>Element, an equivalency check would be slow, and is not 100% well-defined.
>Your point about the internal subset indicates that it's not very
>well-defined for DocType either, which makes me think we should changes its
>equals() instead of its hashCode(). And if we did that would it imply that
>we should change Namespace too?

Namespace is trickier because it uses the flyweight design pattern. 
Unlike every other class in JDOM, there is not a 1-1 mapping between 
namespace nodes and Namespace objects.

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