[jdom-interest] How to upgrade

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Thu Apr 18 12:49:49 PDT 2002

When we released beta 8, we didn't provide a document on how to upgrade, and
I think this was a mistake. We're still making backwards-incompatible
changes, and we shouldn't expect people to be following this list and making
a note of each onei. We need one place where they can go to see what changes
they'll need to make to their code in order to upgrade. This would be
different from changes.txt because it'll only show incompatible changes, and
it'll briefly describe what to do about each one. Ideally I'd like to see
this both on the JDOM website and in the distribution.

Does this sound OK? I'd be happy to write this up for b7 -> b8 and/or for
subsequent releases. What's the best way to keep track of what's going to
need to go in here? Jason, how diligent are you about changes.txt? I.e. do
you think that every incompatible change should be mentioned in there
somewhere, so that it can be our source?

Alex Rosen
SilverStream Software

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