[jdom-interest] SQL join -> Structured XML

Philippe Lang philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch
Wed Apr 24 23:18:23 PDT 2002


I have written a set of classes that take as input the result of an SQL
query, with joined tables. Given some parameters you give to the classes
(groups, sort order...), very similar to what you can configure in
Access or Crystal Reports, it outputs an XML file, with the same data,
but in a structured way. It works with any number of joins.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to incorporate these classes in
JDOM? Or does that go beyond the scope of JDOM?



A        P1   P2
A        P3   P4
A        P5   P6
B        P7   P8
B        P9   P10
A        P11  P12
C        P13  P14



----- A ----- P1   P2
   |      |-- P3   P4
   |      |-- P5   P6
   |      |-- P11  P12
   |- B ----- P7   P8
   |      |-- P9   P10
   |- C ----- P13  P14

Philippe Lang
Attik System

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