[jdom-interest] SQL join -> Structured XML

Shaun Smith shauns at pixology.com
Fri Apr 26 04:30:21 PDT 2002

I agree, I thought it would be sub-optimal, but having tried
it both ways, traversal was both easier to code /and/ faster.
This was with SQL Server.  The single big query is transporting
a lot of data, and then there is a great deal of work in 
de-duplicating it.  YMMV of course.  Scott Ambler also makes the
point in one of his papers.


> Hi,
> By "straight traversal", do you mean sending queries to the 
> database without joins, and so avoid having duplicated 
> records from the table on the "one" side? This is far from 
> optimal, since you need a subquery per row. With a single big 
> query, you get the result much more quickly, but the price 
> you have to pay for that are duplicated records, which can be 
> quite annoying when you need to print a report. That's 
> exactly why I have developed these classes, in fact. They 
> allow you to "recreate" the initial structure of your data, 
> just like a reporting tool, but with code. Not graphically.
> I have the impression this could be interesting for other 
> people, so I will send you these classes, as soon as I have 
> been able to "polish" them.
> I remember the hierarchical queries from Microsoft, but 
> really, we want to be portable here.

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