[jdom-interest] XML-DBMS GUI Released - Lots of Classes you can use......

adam flinton aflinton at armature.com
Mon Apr 29 06:51:47 PDT 2002

Dear All,

If you go to the sourceforge page @


& grab the file release:


You will find a .bat file in there you can run or cut & paste it into a
shell file if you're using Unix/Linux.

You will need in your classpath any DB drivers you want to use & JDOM Beta

You will need a Java 2 VM. I have tested the code against JDK1.2, 1.3 & 1.4.

For details of the classes & XML Docs see:


The design has been as modular as possible such that classes can be taken
out & used on their own if you wish.

The one remaining thing "ToDo" is to build a test suite allowing you to run
the XML-DBMS code itself e.g. get in XML as a Message over JMS or from a
file, transform it with XSLT & save it to a DB with a Mapfile, or extract
from a DB with a Mapfile, transform with XSLT & send to a JMS topic or save
to (possibly many) files (each with it's own XSLT transform).

It's not difficult but I want it to be sufficiently generic such that it
could adapt to future uses & technologies (e.g. Web Services).

For JDOM people or people looking at doing JDBC/XML stuff in general (e.g.
Building a SQL Designer tool or whatever) the classes themselves are
designed to be modular such that you can take bits you want & the Builder
GUI itself works via plugins.

The main JDBC & general JTree <> JDOM Doc/XML classes are in the: 

net.xmlmiddleware.gui.treebuilder package

This is where all the JDOM Treebuilding classes are & contains:

BasicNode -  This is a basic extension of

ElementNode - This is an extension of BasicNode which encapsulates a JDOM
Element. This is the fundamental link between a JDOM Document and the JTree
GUI Component via the JDOMTreeModel.

BasicTreeListener - This is a Multiple Jtree Listener which extends
& implements javax.swing.event.TreeExpansionListener &
It will get the menu relevant for a given Node/ JDOM Element from the
.xmldbms.gui.mapbuilder.StaticMenuh & show it as well as controlling the
various tree events (e.g. TreeCollapsed).

JDOMTreeModel  - This extends DefaultTreeModel & is the basis for displaying
"live" JDOM Documents as a JTree. 

JDBCTreeBuilder -  This builds a JDOM Document from the metadata returned by
the Database.


Adam Flinton 
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