[jdom-interest] Internal DTD subset verification

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Mon Apr 29 21:46:38 PDT 2002

Elliotte Rusty Harold writes:

> I'm bothered by the failure to check the internal DTD subset for 
> well-formedness. I'd like to add a checkInternalDTDSubset() method to 
> the Verifier class. Initially this could call checkCharacterData() to 
> make sure the internal subset doesn't contain any illegal characters 
> like null or vertical tab. Longer term, however, we could add methods to 
> actually verify tht it's a well-formed collection of declarations. We 
> could probably piggy-back off of work done elsewhere for reading these 
> things such as Mark Wutka's DTDParser 
> <http://www.wutka.com/dtdparser.html> or the equivalent code in Xerces 
> or Crimson.
> Thoughts? Is this worth doing?

Anyone working on in-memory validation will most likely end up parsing
the internal subset, so for now it would probably suffice to just call
checkCharacterData() and wait to see if anything comes down the pipe
this summer.


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