[jdom-interest] Processing instruction map issues

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Tue Apr 30 08:52:06 PDT 2002

> 3. Get rid of all the Map stuff and let each the application parse the
> 4. Get rid of setValue, getValue, and removeValue. And since name/value
>    arguments are probably a common case have a setData(Map) and
>    Map getDataMap() as a convenience, in addition to setData(String) and
>    String.getData(). For mixed attribute-like/non-attribute-like data
>    you'll have to use the String versions and parse it yourself, but I
>    don't see this as a common occurance. Internally I go so far as just
>    to store the data as only a String, and let setData(Map), getDataMap()
>    convert on each call.

I agree completely. I'm fine with either solution. This PI map stuff, along
with the get-child-text-trim-normalize stuff, always struck me as too


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