[jdom-interest] JDom and SAX

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Tue Apr 30 13:57:12 PDT 2002

JDOM is not a SAX parser - see the JDOM FAQ at www.jdom.org.

For reading any large file, you can certainly use any SAX parser directly
(e.g. Xerces or Crimson). Another system that I know about is dom4j which
has a feature that's some sort of cross between an event-based parser like
SAX (efficient but hard to use) and a tree-based system like DOM and JDOM
(easy to use but requires the whole document to be in memory). www.dom4j.org


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I just learned about JDOM yesterday. I am trying to determine whether we can
use JDOM directly as a SAX parser. We have a very large XML file that cannot
be read via DOM, and was hoping that JDOM could be a simple, quick solution.


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