[jdom-interest] Replace child?

Grinvald, Edward Edward.Grinvald at ca.com
Thu Aug 8 05:57:12 PDT 2002

Hello all, 
i have a small problem:
Suppose i have the following document:
    <b />
    <c />
<b> and <c> are huge subtrees. I need to rebuild <b> from user data -
modifications to the current tree would be far to combersome, so i build
a new one. The only way i can think of replacing the <b> tree is to
delete it and then append the new <b> to <a>. However, then the tree
    <c />
    <b />
And my dtd simply hates it :)
Please Help.
Thank You,
Edward Grinvald
Computer Associates International
Programmer, Storage Development
Edward.Grinvald at ca.com
1-631-342-6000 x76350
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