[jdom-interest] <ol Type="Unordered">

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Thu Aug 8 16:47:49 PDT 2002

Bruce Altner writes:

> This works fine, except there are some weird things happening that I don't 
> understand. One of them is the unexpected, and unwanted, inclusion of the 
> attribute Type="Unordered" whenever the text includes the <ol> or <ul> 
> tags. I cannot figure out
> why this is happening but assumed that it must be something in the 
> sax.build process. I could leave it in but sometimes it gets put in more 
> than once, which generates a parsing error.

Well I know it's not coming from JDOM, and I really doubt it's the SAX
parser.  Are you running the text version through something like HTML Tidy,
before sending to SAXBuilder?


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