[jdom-interest] Problem locating .dtd via relative path with xerces 1.4.4

duncan.loveday at bt.com duncan.loveday at bt.com
Wed Aug 14 10:10:03 PDT 2002

We've just upgraded from jdom-b7 to jdom-b8 and sadly our application has 

All our .xml files have a doctype like this

<!DOCTYPE ScriptProperties SYSTEM "ScriptProperties.dtd">

Note the relative path.

Our code sets user.dir to the directory where the ScriptProperties.dtd file
With jdom-b7 it found the .dtd OK but with jdom-b8 it does not. We can work 
around this by using an absolute path in a URI

<!DOCTYPE ScriptProperties SYSTEM "file:///D:/Temp/ScriptProperties.dtd">

but the inclusion of an absolute path gives us hassle.

We've found that keeping jdom.jar from B8 and reverting xerces.jar from
(which shipped with B7) to 1.4.3 (which shipped with B7) cures the problem,
presumably there's been a change to the xerces implementation.

All suggestions gratefully received...

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