Patches for JDOMSource and JDOMResult (was: Re: [jdom-interest] JDOMResult silently absorbs document fragments)

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at
Tue Aug 20 05:12:17 PDT 2002


Attached are 2 patches (full source and cvs diff) for JDOMSource and 
JDOMResult that fix the following problems:

  - JDOMSource: Do no allocate a new XMLReader for every call to 
getXMLReader(). JDOMSource now allocates only one XMLReader and returns this 
instance for every call to getXMLReader(), thus allowing applications to 
access the XMLReader instance and configure it prior handing the JDOMSource to 
the XSL transformer.

  - JDOMResult: Support for transformation results that are not well-formed 
XML documents. JDOMResult now accepts node sets as result of transformations 
and make them available to the applications as a List of JDOM nodes (method 
getResult()). Existing methods dealing only with Documents have been marked as 

Markus, could you run a quick test to verify that the JDOMSource patch fixes 
your EntityResolver problem?
Elliotte, could you check the new JDOMResult interface and implementation?


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