[jdom-interest] how to add an xml-html docuemnt into an Element

Belli Andrea Andrea.Belli at TILAB.COM
Wed Aug 28 07:15:19 PDT 2002

  I'm using JDOM in my application which extracts HTML content from some
HTML pages and tries to generate an XML file like this one:
<test id ="1">
<!-here I want to insert the html content -->
<test id ="2">
<!-here I want to insert the html content -->
this file is rendered with an XSL file which show the HTML content, how
it was on the original page, so I can't use a CDATA section.
  I parsed the  HTML scratch with Jtidy , so I'm sure the html content
is well done; now I want to put it into a XML Element; how I can do it?
  For example if I use a Document object for the tidied HtML , is there
a way to insert it into a tag of another XML document? 
Thanks in adv
Andrea (Mr not Mrs).  

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