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Paul Chapman chapman at zemsys.com
Wed Aug 28 18:44:58 PDT 2002

I too found that the JDOM/Jaxen combo was rather slow, but this may
just be the Navigator implementation. For Jaxen to work, a library
specific Navigator is needed to support their XPath. XPath and XPP
seems to work fast enough (according to  the performance stats link
posted to this group recently). So one of the following may be the

  1. The navigator is not implemented for performance.
  2. JDOM is inherently slow - the performance stats do seem to
     imply this, but Jaxen XPath/JDOM is slower than JDOM alone
     for a simple search.
  3. Jaxen XPath is intrinsicly not suited to work with a DOM (XPP
     is a stream-like interface, reading one node at a time).

Did the JDOM team write the navigator for Jaxen?
Could JDOM be enhanced to support it better?

Comments please.


Hushagen, Michael E. wrote:

> This question may be more for Jason Hunter and/or Brett McLaughlin.
> We are currently investigating whether to use DOM or JDOM in our
> transactional XML-based web application.  Many of our functions involve
> searching, removing, and replacing elements and their text values.
> Naturally, using Xpath is much easier than coding a bunch of recursive
> search methods. We briefly experimented with using DOM's built-in Xpath
> support, and also experimented with JDOM using Jaxen as it's Xpath support.
> JDOM is much more intuitive to code in as a Java developer, but we're a
> little worried about using a third-party Xpath solution.  Also, the
> JDOM/Jaxen combo seems slower compared to DOM.  We have only run a few small
> tests so far though... 
> Any thoughts on this?  Will JDOM have native Xpath support any time soon?
> Thanks,
>  -Mike Hushagen
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