[jdom-interest] Exception: org.jdom.ContentList$FilterList

Azrael azrael at azrael-uk.f2s.com
Thu Aug 29 11:03:20 PDT 2002

Ken Rune Helland wrote:
>>The Exception getMessage() is:

> My guess is you are getting an ClassCastException, because
> the list returned from getChildren is not a ArrayList but a
> org.jdom.ContentList$FilterList. 
> There is no need to cast the return value of the getChildren
> metod. It returns a reference to a List inteface and
> this interface shoud give you all the metods you need.
> So the line shoud be:
> List temp = currentElement.getChildren();
> KenR

You were spot on!
This results from perhaps a slight misunderstanding of java itself.
Because List is an interface.. and you can't create Objects of that 
type.. I thought List temp.. etc wouldn't be allowed.
As indeed, List temp=new List(); wouldn't be allowed...
but doing the above solved my problem.. and now I assume if the return 
type is a List.. you can do List temp = <thing that returns the List>

So not only have I learned some jdom, but also some java.. many thanks!!

(only been learning Java 8 months .. long enough that I should have 
known this.. but...)

p.s. My project now works.. and I managed to compress a 76 byte (tags 
only, no content) xml file into a 2 byte file.
And more importantly managed to decompress it back to the original data.

Thanks a lot to everyone for their help!!


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