[jdom-interest] JDOM sort?

David Kavanagh dak at dotech.com
Tue Dec 3 13:45:53 PST 2002

I don't know of any ordering operators in XPath. Typically, you'd do 
something with XSLT for reorgainizing your XML, or you could look in the 
java.util classes. Look at java.util.Collections.sort(List, Comparator).


On 12/3/2002 4:40 PM, Kevin Rall wrote:

> I'm using the jaxen JDOMXPath.selectNodes() method to "query" an xml 
> document.  However, I want to sort the results alphabetically using 
> the text of a given "child" element.  Is this possible with JDOM, or 
> is my approach completely wrong?
> Thanks in advance for any response.
> Kevin  

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