[jdom-interest] extract info from JDOM tree

Sylvain.Thevoz at swisscom.com Sylvain.Thevoz at swisscom.com
Thu Dec 5 01:42:20 PST 2002

Hello everybody,

I repost my question:

I have a XML file like this
  <group name="Europe">
    <company name="LH">
    <company name="SA">
      <fullname>Soviet Airlines</fullname>
    <company name="AF">
      <fullname>Air France</fullname>
  <group name="US">
    <company name="AA">
      <fullname>American Airlines</fullname>

I want to retrieve content of this file and create a list of String that contain:
Europe->Soviet Airlines
Europe->Air France
US->American Airlines

Anyone has experience or idea?
Thank you very much

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