[jdom-interest] Re: Non well-formedness checking parser (was Re: [jdom-interest] don't validate comments)

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Fri Dec 6 15:30:25 PST 2002

At 4:59 PM +0000 12/5/02, Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:

>How can ResultSetBuilder exist then? That can't possibly be compliant with
>the XML spec.

ResultSetBuilder is a horse of a different color. It doesn't parse 
XML at all. It builds a JDOM object from something that isn't XML. 
However, if you're going to read something that purports to be XML, 
the parser is absolutely required to throw a fatal error when a 
well-formedness error is found. (The exact definition of fatal error 
varies depending on local environment. In our case, a checked 
exception suffices.) Parsers are specifically not allowed to fix the 
error and continue parsing. There is no wiggle room in the XML spec 
on this point, and that's a good thing.

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