[jdom-interest] entity declaration in doctype

COSSI jl.cossi at oie.int
Wed Dec 18 08:27:11 PST 2002

I'm read an write an xml document with SaxBuilder like :

Writer  out ;
out = new BufferedWriter (new FileWriter ("document-out.xml")) ;
XmlOutputter outputter = new XmlOutputter("", false, "iso-8859-1") ;
SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder (true) ;
Document doc = builder.build (new File ("document-in")) ;
outputter.output(doc, out);

In "document-in", I have a doctype declaration like " <!DOCTYPE element
SYSTEM "element.dtd" [
	<!ENTITY decl SYSTEM "start.xml">
	<!ENTITY end SYSTEM "end.xml">

but, in "document-out.xml", I have only "<!DOCTYPE element SYSTEM
"element.dtd">" !!

Do you know why ?



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