[jdom-interest] How to get src:key attribute

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Thu Dec 19 16:08:26 PST 2002

Hello Mark,

Thursday, December 19, 2002, 2:37:04 PM, you wrote:

MH>  If you do have an definition then add this.

MH>  document.getRootElement().getAttributeValue("key", 
MH>           org.jdom.Namespace.getNamespace( "key", "uriDefinitioninNamespace"
MH> ));

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MH> Hello Mark,

MH> Thursday, December 19, 2002, 2:32:40 PM, you wrote:

MH>> Well, I am not an XML expert, but I THINK??? that that is not legal to
MH> have
MH>> src:key="2" as an attribute without defining an xmlns first.
MH>> I may be wrong, and if you are sure that you do not have a definition
MH> post
MH>> the question
MH>> to jdom-interest how do I get the value of src:key from the following
MH> xml
MH>> document.
MH>>  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
MH>> <ServicesProperties type="smtp" name="generic" rulesOn="standard"
MH> run="once"
MH>> </ServicesProperties>

MH>> If you do have an definition then add this.

MH>> getAttributeValue("key", org.jdom.Namespace.getNamespace( "key",
MH>> "uridefinitioninNamespace" ));

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MH>>> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
MH>>> <ServicesProperties type="smtp" name="generic" rulesOn="standard"
MH>> run="once"

MH>> Pretty sure.  Let me explain the process a bit in case I missed
MH>> somthing.  The attribute is put there by xindice when i add the xml
MH>> file to the database.  The id is set buy me or automatically when
MH>> putting it into the database, the number 2 is set by me.  So when I
MH> query
MH>> the database and get
MH>> this xml source i do a system out to see the value and it shows
MH>> src:key="2"  on the main node.

MH> What if it has a namespace how would i get it?  I'll give it a try to
MH> see if i'm missing something.

MH> Thanks again

Thanks for the help.  I guess it is a namespace and was able to get
strBuff = docXML.getRootElement().getAttribute( "key",
docXML.getRootElement().getNamespace( "src" )).getValue();

Yeah.  Thank you
I'm posting it to thew newsgroup so that it gets achived.
Reading src:key xindice attribute

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