AW: [jdom-interest] is down. When will it be back

Gerhard Hiller hiller at
Sun Dec 22 22:45:38 PST 2002


> I'm curious... I have seen many references to the "StringBuffer
> error"....
> but,
> I have not yet experienced anything... what exactly is this bug?

The problem is using jdom with jdk 1.4.1_01 from sun. In this jdk there is a
bug in StringBuffer which causes a Memory-Leak when reusing a StringBuffer
instead of creating a new one. There is a Bug in internal setLength-Method
of StringBuffer which is described in the mentioned bug. The guys of sun
suggest to not reuse StringBuffers with jdk 1.4.1. So I wanted to patch jdom
but no sources are available.


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