[jdom-interest] Building DOM

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Fri Feb 1 10:02:40 PST 2002

You probably want to build a JDOM tree, instead of a DOM tree. Use
SAXBuilder.build(). [BTW, note how confusing the name SAXBuilder is in this
context. Why should the user have to hear the word SAX here?]

Jason, how about something like this for the FAQ, right after "What is

What is JDOM not?

- JDOM is not a wrapper for DOM, or another version of DOM. JDOM is a
"document object model" for XML files, as is the DOM defined in org.w3.dom.
JDOM serves the same purpose as DOM, but is easier to use.

- JDOM is not an XML parser, like Xerces or Crimson. Instead, it works with
an XML parser. JDOM's SAXBuilder class will use an XML parser to build a
JDOM tree. This is just like how Xerces or Crimson can use their parsers to
build a DOM tree, but instead of getting back a DOM tree, you get a JDOM
tree instead.


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> Hi out there,
> I am quite new to JDOM (since yesterday...) - so here is a
> question from
> a beginner. What is the correct way to build up a dom? In the
> samplefile
> (DOMBuilderDemo) a depricated api is used (b.build (...)).
> Thanx!
> PS: Great stuff - I have tried to use xerces, but I did not succeed.
> With JDOM it is nearly finished know....
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> The box said "Requires Win95, NT, or better," and so I
> installed Linux.
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