[jdom-interest] DOCTYPE still giving me the worst headache!

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Sun Feb 3 07:37:45 PST 2002

Few other thoughts.

1. What if the elementName in the DocType doesn't match the root element?
   Probably should throw a ISE on further access (like missing root does).
2. What if you set the root element to a element whose name doesn't 
   match the one in the current DocType, should we:
       a. do nothing and maybe have a ISE later
       b. just remove the current DocType
       c. install a new DocType with the proper name and a null public and
       system id
3. What if you set a DocType whose elementName doesn't match the existing
   root element, throw a IllegalAddException right then, or delay for a
   ISE later.


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