[jdom-interest] builder.setIgnoreDTD()

Brett D. McLaughlin, Sr. brett at newinstance.com
Wed Feb 6 09:40:33 PST 2002

> You ignore the external DTD subset. That's not quite the same as
> ignoring the DTD. For example, this document contains an external
> entity that will be resolved even with DTD loading turned off:
> <!DOCTYPE test [
>    <!ENTITY test SYSTEM "test.txt">
> ]>
> <test>
>    &test;
> </test>
> I don't think it's acceptable to replace the &test; entity with the
> empty string. It's acceptable to replace it with an EntityRef object
> but not with the empty string.

Agreed. However, we need to be very clear to users, as most (in my
experience) don't use internal subsets. Most are going to (illogically)
expect to not have to resolve DTDs, and yet be upset when their entities
don't come in expanded ;-)

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