[jdom-interest] Generating PDF output using JDOM with iText

Roland roland at netquant.com.br
Wed Feb 6 14:37:37 PST 2002

I'm new to JDOM and here is what I want to do:

I want to take the whole tree and make it output a PDF file using 
To those who don't know what iText is: it is a library that enables you to 
produce PDF documents from Java.
I was thinking about adding a class to org.jdom.output to enable this.

My interest is to keep this as flexible as possible. So that I could 
generate output to XSL:FO if I wanted, by just writing another output 
class. I wonder why there wasn't defined a general output class from which 
the existing ones inherit.

Does anyone have an idea of what would be the best way of implementing my idea?

I realize that probably it would be better to build up my own Object tree 
using a SAX parser and then call

tree.outputPDF() or

But if I implement a class that can be used with JDOM others will profit 
from it also.

Best regards, Roland

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