[jdom-interest] JavaOne presentations (flame)

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Mon Feb 11 14:35:59 PST 2002

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Not for nothing, but I thought I was the only one who felt like that.  I had
personally wasted alot of time, energy, and money @ these types of conferences (where
it seemed like the talker was very restricted and seemed smart but made no sense) and
yet when all is said and done I actually learn more from free seminars/slides from
people like Elliotte and such.  Someone should tell Sun that when they try to be a
little "too controlling" they end up being like some other company we know.  Now
quite honestly I can understand that some guidelines when applied to open source are
needed to avoid all out chaos but when you have done so much for the community
already and ur name is Jason Hunter with a few best selling books out, why even
question the slides to begin with?

- Jon

"Bosch, Mike" wrote:

> Which in addition you get the "privilege" of paying ~$2000 to go and listen
> to corporate advertising.
> Count me out on the conference unless one of our vendors gets me in.
> -Mike
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> What do you expect when they are the head rats in charge of the cheese. I
> think for your talk you should dye your hair pink and wear a t-shirt that
> says "Large coporate advertising disguised as a conference still sucks!"
> :->
> Jason Hunter writes:
> > Frank Sauer wrote:
> > > Wow, do you work for SUN now? How in the world did you get in
> > > in the first place? I wish I had to deal with the slide nazis but I have
> yet
> > > to meet the first non-SUN JavaOne speaker. Just venting, let's all vent
> :-)
> >
> > Ha!  Good question.  The talk actually wasn't accepted at first.  And
> > you're right, JavaOne is notorious for having dozens of talks about
> > Sun's favorite new technology (ie JSP taglibs) and missing out on whole
> > swaths of interesting other technologies (ie Apache Velocity).  Last
> > year there were at least a dozen JAXP talks.  As if you couldn't
> > understand all of JAXP in one short talk.  And JDOM was left as an
> > alternate talk.  This year I had to do a little lobbying after the
> > initial refusal.  I think it helped that JDOM was a JSR and that I'm
> > Apache's representative to the JCP Executive Committee.
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