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ShantAdam adams at multispex.com
Fri Feb 15 23:06:05 PST 2002


I checked everything ans I did as it was told in other emails on the same subject.
I'm still getting the error message:
Eception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: SAXTest("Myfile.xml")

Meanwhile, I have the classpath looking at xerces.jar and jdom.jar. And I know it
has nothing to do with my java class.

"CLASSPATH: .;C:\Program Files\jdk1.3.1_01\lib\tools.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom-b7\lib\ant.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom-b7\lib\xerces.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom-b7\build\jdom.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom-b7\lib\jaxp.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom-b7\lib\collections.jar"

I'm running java 1.3.1 on windowsME and downloaded JDOM-B7 binary.

I tried to get the recent source files with WinCVS I just wasn't able. Maybe I said
a source was missing in my files. By recreating it might help?

Anyone that has solutions for me?

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