[jdom-interest] building jdom

ShantAdam adams at multispex.com
Sun Feb 17 13:00:21 PST 2002

OK !

I CVS-ed the jdom source files and came to build it and I got this error message at the end:

[javac] too many errors.
[javac] 132 errors
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom\build.xml:158:Compile failed,message should have been provided.

Prior this error message, I got as many as 100 lines of "ambiguous class" [javac] error messages and "java.io.IOException".

Meanwhile, I have this as a classpath:
C:\Program Files\jdk1.3.1_01\lib\tools.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom\lib\xerces.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom\lib\crimson.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom\lib\jaxp.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\jdom\lib\xalan.jar;
C:\Program Files\xml_api\sax2\sax2-r2pre3.jar;
C:\Program Files\jakarta-ant\bootstrap\lib\ant.jar"

and this as path:
C:\Program Files\Mts;
C:\Program Files\jdk1.3.1_01\bin;
C:\Program Files\jakarta-ant\bootstrap\bin"

and I'm runing on windowsME.

Now, what about that !?!

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