[jdom-interest] Merging text nodes

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Mon Feb 18 19:04:11 PST 2002

> > It is unnecessary clutter. Worse yet, it presents an incorrect 
> > picture of the structure and semantics of an XML document. Text nodes 
> > are strings (in JDOM). Entity references are entity references. We 
> > shouldn't mix them up.
> I agree.  I did make a case for mixing Text and EntityRef when trying to
> figure out a way for attribute values to have entity refs in them.  Since
> we're not going to support that feature, I think we should avoid trying to
> do to much in this direction.  

So we shouldn't allow the following sequence of code?

    Element e = new Element("title");
    e.addContent( new Text("Cats "));
    e.addContent( new EntityRef("connect"));
    e.addContent( new Text(" Dogs"));

Which produces the same structure for the element's content as running

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE greeting [
       <!ENTITY connect "and">
    <title>Cats &connect; Dogs</title>

thru SAXBuilder with setExpandEntities(false).

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