[jdom-interest] Moving Subtrees using JDOM

Noam Tamim noamt at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 14:50:01 PST 2002

--- Elliotte Rusty Harold <elharo at metalab.unc.edu> wrote:
> >So how about adding the suggested elt.addContent(List) that will iterate
> Either way, this is tricky. For instance, what if something in the 
> list doesn't need to be detached?

Well, after looking into it, this is what I came up with:
a. While iterating over a getContent() List, you shouldn't try to
detach() anything - the iterator's fail-safe policy will cause it
to throw a ConcurentModificationExcepion;
b. detach() is, as I understand it, merely a convenience method
that calls parent.remove(this) on the node; so if I iterate over 
a live list, I don't even need it - I can simply use itr.remove().
c. Since I don't need detach() anymore, I don't need to do any 

Therefore, a utility method that gets a live FilterList will look 
something like this one:
public static void moveContent(List content, Element to) {
  Iterator i=content.iterator();
  List list=to.getContent();
  while (i.hasNext()) {
    Object o=i.next();

The remaining problem is handling document fragments that are not
stored in one List (and may have different parents). It is not really
a problem - it can be solved quite easily in fact - the problem is
that one method can't deal with both cases. A method that, unlike
the above moveContent(), is given a random list of nodes, must cast
and call detach() on every item in it - but the detach must NOT be
from the same list (see point a above).


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