[jdom-interest] jdom beta 7 xmlOuttputer

Bart Read bart at wdi.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 09:16:03 PST 2002

Unless I'm very much mistaken I seem to remember some traffic on this topic
some while ago.  You should perhaps check out the latest code from CVS for a
fix, or wait for the imminent (?) beta 0.8 release, or you _could_ even fix
the sources yourself.  ;-)

Incidentally, and I apologise in advance because I know this has been asked
before, does anybody (I guess this means Brett, Jason, or Alex) know when
beta 0.8 will be available as a milestone build?

With thanks,

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> We are using the xmlOutputter. When we specify "no new lines" it still
> a new line between the
> processing instructions and the root element. I'd like it not to do that.
> Thanks.
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