[jdom-interest] performance on tonights CVS

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Tue Feb 26 18:39:27 PST 2002

> Can you be more specific about what revision the "buffering"
> was added. I have been doing diff and I am not sure the DTD 
> buffering is being hit 
> unless I am receiving DTD events.  The XML I am parsing is just well 
> formed XML with no DTD or Schema in the input.

Right, the use of the buffer for the internal subset shouldn't really affect
you unless you have entity expansion off and therefore use the internal
subset to capture the entity definitions and other dtd information.

There have been some major changes under the covers with JDOM since beta 7.
One of them (Text class and automagic joining of adjacent text nodes) was
done specifically for a performance problem in sax handler which
demonstrated out a worst case situation.  Can you give any clues as to where
the slowdown is occurring?  Is there something, other than size, that is
unusual about your document, like lots of attributes, lots of mixed
contents, or things like that?

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